(Video) Grandmother Makes A Toast To Hitler

A video spiraled across the web of a wheelchaired German lady elevating her glass to Hitler. We get it she’s fairly previous, however this lady appears to know precisely what she’s speaking about. Perhaps the liquor acquired her in one other mindset however um, that is kinda disturbing.

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Because the grandma holds her shot glass up, she says, “Prost!” Meaning “Cheers!” in German. She then goes on to say “Heil Hitler.” Perhaps the woman was having a flashback from her youthful days, who is aware of. A person on the video removes his arm from across the woman as the entire room busts out laughing. After the third time, the member of the family places her arms down like “okay thats sufficient, that is type of creepy now.” He’s seen in all probability reprimanding her for the feedback. The video was posted on Youtube. A consumer by the identify of “Adolf Hitler” posted a coronary heart beneath the video. Creepy.

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