Arizona's Sean Miller Sweated Through Your TV

I’m a sweaty individual. Not just a bit, not merely a light-weight sheen of perspiration on scorching days or after after train, however sweaty. Rivulets develop into torrents grow to be a full-body drenching on the first sniff of 90 levels or after the mildest of exertions. I’m a disgusting human being, extra liquid than man, my sweat visibly soaking by way of shirts and even, on particular events, the heavy denim of denims. Nobody needs to take a seat subsequent to me on the subway, as a result of they’ll stick. Nobody needs to protect me in basketball, as a result of they’ll slide proper off my physique prefer it’s a stone thick with pond scum. Sweatiness is my curse. All of that is to say: Sean Miller, I get you.Learn extra…
Source: Deadspin

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